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Health care reform affects most business and individuals. Here's a tax timeline for the health care reform act.




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We are a service organization and this web site is designed to enhance our services. Our goal is to use high tech without losing the high touch we all want. 


Communication is the key! A hundred years ago, the telephone revolutionized customer service. Prior to the telephone, a customer would write a letter and hope for a response within a month. But with telephone calls costing over a dollar per minute, fast service was for the well connected, well to-do customer.


Now you can reach us by phone, fax, email or snail mail. If you call the office number, my cell phone rings, too. I want to hear from you! -- Mike


Our services are directed to providing expertise to individuals, small business and non-profit organizations. We provide extensive services to construction contractors, real estate developments and affordable housing properties. Our experience, education and commitment are devoted to being an importance resource for our clients... income taxes, accounting and auditing. 

Our Firm

Our firm's size and philosophy is aimed at personal service. With large CPA firms, the client gets passed from one accountant to another. Each year, the client has to teach the newest accountant who they are. That's not the case with our firm. Tina, Tim, Verity, Jim and I know who you are. Verity is our newest employee. She's work with us for over ten years! 

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Reduce your taxes... Make better business decisions... and learn how to grow your wealth by reading our Free Reports on financial strategies for business owners, individuals, and investors. You also get the latest breaking tax saving strategies in our monthly newsletter. 

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Balance your checkbook, save for college educations, check the current tax rates, tax due dates, when you'll get your tax refund, incorporate your business, get the latest version of QuickBooks, securely send us your accounting files, pickup a previous years tax returns. 

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